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So, I've decided this piece of crap needs an overhaul.

1. New layout; nothing flashy, just simple color change.

2. New post besides this one.

3. Well, whatever. I think this journal might be used only for the communities I view now. And some personal entries every once in a while. Yeah :/
The Intern
Deliberate Gentle Sex Dreamer (DGSD)
The Intern

Act 2, Scene 1
An attractive young woman, the INTERN, sits at her desk. ROSS and MACGRUDER, two sales associates, stand near the water cooler.

MACGRUDER: Whoa! Get a load of the new intern! I'd like to file my proposal in her drawers.

ROSS: Easy there, MacGruder, you'll get us fired. [aside] I agree.


Capable. Trustworthy. Carnal. The Intern.

From our experience, Interns are nice girls who would really, really like us to come on to them. They, like you, must be looking for sex, preferably from someone good-looking and successful. So... what are you doing later? Oh, okay, cool. Well, maybe next time? Okay, okay, jeez.

The thing is, you're a little bit quiet, so men think you're waiting for them to start things. You do like sex a lot, they're right about that, but few of them realize you're a genuinely thoughtful person.

You're choosy, not wanting to get mixed up with just anyone. Girls can get away with this kind of selectiveness for some reason. Most guys have to take whatever's lying around, passed out.

You're not necessarily looking for a steady relationship right now; that's cool. Be careful to avoid people trying to tie you down to anything other than bedposts.


Probably the most correct a quiz has ever been about me. XD
'Cause all of the stars
Are fading away
Just try not worry
You'll see them someday
Just take what you need
And be on your way
And stop crying your heart out...

Using some Oasis to soothe my soul... I need to stop going through bouts where I don't listen to any music. I miss it.

I also wonder if it's unhealthy that country music that ought to be depressing actually makes me feel better >.>

Sep. 26th, 2007

Something inside me is broken
I cannot reach it no matter the distance
Even then... I would not know
The thing, the glue, the solution
To make it right or whole again

Sometimes it wells to the surface
And it's all I can do to hide it
Behind a smile
A laugh
Goodness that sometimes I barely feel
For I know its malignancy would only frighten
Perhaps betray...

What else is there but to put on that smile
Everything [I pretend] is okay
But what is it that will ever mend this brokenness?
Will I ever find it in person, pasttime or paraphernalia...

I wonder is it even in myself
To overcome
This ruined entity that seems to burn

Sep. 22nd, 2007

I'm really just miserable, pathetic and stupid.

And I don't even have loads of money to make up for it.

Where's the balance?

Aug. 24th, 2007


I want to post more pictures of the kittens, as they've grown exponentially over the time that's passed since my last entry. However, the digital camera is MIA and I haven't the money for a search team.

We still haven't gotten rid of three of them: Peaches, Breezy and Nimbus. The last of which is a boy, in case I was still calling him a girl hopefully during that round of pictures >.>; But yes, if you happen to live near me, do you want a kitten? They're box trained now *nod*

I'm really sick of work. Of course, I don't think there's ever been a time when I wasn't sick of working, but now it really just seems like a waste of time. When I'm making barely ninety bucks a week and have over two hundred dollars in bills to pay, it really makes me wonder why I stick around. Of course, I need to look for another part time job, but I've just been so listless that it hardly seems worth doing. Minus the fact where it gets me more money.

I like money. A lot. As in, the way Seto Kaiba likes his money... only I'm not such a prick. And, I like to spend my money, but not on every little thing I can find that resembles a very phallic-ly designed dragon.


Generally, all I feel like doing is roleplaying. It is a blissful escape from the dull reality my life's become.

Actually, I say that... but my life has always been dull.

I think I'm going to die a virgin with at least ten cats.

If only I could get some sort of writing done. But it's as if all the creativity has just been sapped right out of me. All of my original characters are still clamoring around in my mind for attention, but I don't know what to do with them.

And my fanfiction... bless its heart. I just can't seem to stick to any of it. I mean, I've seriously got to finish a story one of these days.


So far, today, nothing has happened. I went to bed at three this morning, struggled to consciousness at nine-ish so I could rp with Fountie, and I've had pancakes for breakfast.

I need to call work and see what day I come in next week, although I'm fairly sure it'll be Sunday, at three. It seems like a general constant. And I will probably also only work Monday, with the rest of the week off.


On a happier note, I have this laptop, and wireless networking in my house. I can be on any time I please now to vegetate to tasty, lemony fanfiction.



Jul. 7th, 2007

I'm thinking about posting pictures of the kitties, but I'm too lazy to upload them right now ^^;;

I had a writing journal over at opendiary, but now I can't seem to remember my username v.v; I hope they've implemented a feature finally where you can retrieve that. Otherwise I'll have to pick my brain until it hurts. *twitchy* Anyway, it's mostly just a place to do random writing exercises concerning my eventual series of novels.

.... I'm not sure if that has any point other than I was thinking about it.

Anyhow, I want to write on my Pirates fanfiction, but I want to recopy it somewhere else before I start writing on it again.

I also want to write Harry Potter fanfiction, but I have nothing started for that, and I think I'd do a terrible job of it.


Hm. I should just upload pictures of the kitties now, so people can see them ^^ *wanders off*

So Livejournal says I haven't posted here in THIRTYONE weeks! Dude. Eheh. Not since November I think? Hehe, oh well.

So for once, I'm not going to complain about work or anything and I'm just going to gush about the con and obnoxiously post pictures that stretch my generator style journal page.

First and foremost, it was really awesome. We went first on Friday evening after Michael got in from work. We got our pre-reg badges and then scampered off for a few minutes into the dealer's room where I picked up an Ouran Host Club necklace; a Saiyuki (Hakkai and Gojyo) book mark - but that got cut in half to make two cellphone straps, haha; and a Black Cat (Sven as a kitty) keychain. Also, I snagged a button and another cellphone strap downstairs in Artist Alley, where this girl had some awesome chibis on them ^^ I'll have to get pics of those too.

Then we left from there to pick up Jennikun from the train station, which thankfully was NOT a fiasco. We got back to the registration room with fifteen minutes to spare before they closed up for her to pick up her badge as well ^^;

From there we kinda just milled around trying to find something to do. There weren't any exciting panels going on and we had to wait until 12 before the Guests uncensored panel began. So we dicked around and made fun of bad cosplayers and took pictures of a few of the good ones. It was exciting, haha.

Then at around ten minutes till or so, we made our way downstairs and unwittingly started the line to the panel room. Hehe, we even had to tell one of the guests there where it was going to be because they'd messed up the rooms. I can't talk anymore about that part haha. We had a whole Vegas moment - what happened in that room, stays in that room. XD

After that, we (although I failed to specify earlier that we is Michael, Bethann, Jen and me) headed home and putzed about for an hour before bedtime.

Saturday morning was back up again and heading off to the con ^__^ We wanted to be there around 11 to get to the dealer's room early and the Voice Acting panel at 12, but instead we ended up getting there a little after the panel started. Johnny Bosch was there already XD We had a lot of silly questions and I ended up asking one about him going back and forth between the live action and voice acting industries. So it was really cool and I sort of got to converse with him for those five or so minutes it took to answer, haha.


Well, let's see... what has happened to me since I wrote that last entry?

Quite a bit, I guess. I'm still working but that looks like it's half in jeopardy because of employees not properly taking care of themselves, managers not hiring extra help that they do have slots open for and new district managers thinking they can throw around their pompous selves and not have people twitch in protest. I can't really explain it all without eventually lapsing into unintelligible cursing and all I really want to do is change jobs now.

It looks like my annual trip to South Carolina might get put on hold because of all that crap at work and I'm really getting pissed about all the things trying to pop up in the way of it. I don't know what I'm going to do about it. Jen says she's going to try and pay for my ticket for me, with a little of Starzie's help. I dunno how Starzie'll feel about it, but we'll see. Maybe, if they do that, I'll go ahead and come and from there we'll play things by ear. I'm good at that, most of the time.

The past two days - not including today - have been so damn bad that I just want to sit down and laugh hysterically until I cry. I very nearly did that Tuesday night. I'm so tired of being stressed out and trapped in these crazy corners. There has to be some way to get myself out of this deep, jagged rut I'm stuck in.

I can't write. And I know that seems like such a silly complaint when things like my job are on the line, but I have run into the worst case of writer's block I've had since ... well, since at least two years ago. I mean, I might run out of inspiration on a story, or come up with a new idea that sounds and plays out much better than another, but this is the first time I've been truly unable to write on anything in substantial amounts. I think I managed a paragraph the other day and after that, my head hurt.

On a good note, since this entire journal entry has been just a few curse words shy of a rant, Halloween was very good. Abigail had on the most adorable witch's costume and my pumpkins turned out great. I absolutely must post the pictures here, to gush, because they're absolutely perfect ^_^

Ah, aren't they great? And Abigail is such a ham for the camera. She doesn't mind posing one little bit. Oh, and the picture with our cat Sasha was just perfect XD The pumpkins didn't really get to be put on display because I carved them two mornings before Halloween and forgot to put them out ^_^;

Hrm. Oh, and just because they're pretty, these are my newest card packets for my YGO cards:

They've gone around my spellcaster deck, in place of the red ones with girl and phoenix. Next, I'm working on getting these after they come off of pre-order:

They're supposed to be original, but I think she looks suspiciously like the Dark Magician Girl, haha. Still, I think they're pretty, so that's my next collection. I wonder if I can get David to make me a deck to go along with them? He's really good at building them. I just need to start building up my collection of cards a little more now ^_^;

Oy, but... that's about it. This entry feels like it's turned into a novel. But thankfully, I've gotten a lot off my chest and I think for once I can relax now.

Except for finding an excuse not to go into work early ....

Wish me luck.

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